Batya Kahana-Dror
Batya Kahana-DrorPR photo

Attorney Batya Kahana-Dror, who was a candidate in the Jewish Home primaries until Wednesday morning, did not waste time in launching a vicious attack against the party she had called her home.

"The Jewish Home is a messianic and anti-democratic party that does not offer its voters any hope,” Batya Kahana-Dror said Wednesday morning, according to Ynet. Kahana-Dror announced this morning – hours before the start of the vote – that she was bowing out of the race.

"I will not be able to sit [in the Knesset] with such radicals,” she added.

"All of the messages are negative: against the Supreme Court, against the media, and 'we will not apologize'” Kahana Dror explained, in a reference to one of Minister Naftali Bennett's slogans. “The Jewish Home people are simply competing between themselves, in who is the most messianic, diplomatically and on any other subject.”

Kahana-Dror insisted that she has a “national and right-wing outlook,” but “I ask myself how will I be able to sit in a place where 'peace' is a dirty word, in which one cannot think logically or mention a diplomatic plan.”

"Since that incident, in which I only noted that we need to think how we can get along with two million Palestinians, Bennett refused to meet me. The party issued a condemnation against me because I said that I am pragmatic... what is this messianic discourse, in which whoever talks like me is immediately pounced upon and beheaded?”

Bennett “gives the impression of being a likable right winger, and a defense man,” she warned, “but his point of view is extremist and mostly messianic.” 

Kahana-Dror heads Mavoi Satum, an NGO that is sponsored by the New Israel Fund. It fights for the rights of agunot and mesoravot get – women who are unable to obtain a divorce decree, either because the husband cannot be located or because he refuses to grant the decree (“get”).