Netanyahu and Brende
Netanyahu and BrendeKobi Gideon

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met with Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende Thursday morning in Jerusalem, during the latter's visit to Israel. 

At the end of their meeting, Netanyahu addressed the brutal terrorist attack that occurred in Paris on Wednesday. 

“Much of the world's attention is now focused on the savagery that occurred in Paris," Netanyahu stated, going on to express Israel's shared condolences.  

"Israel joins all free nations in condemning yesterday's butchery in the capital of France. We express profound sympathies to the government of France, the people of France. We extend our condolences to the families of the victims and our wishes for a speedy recovery to the injured.

Continuing, Netanyahu emphasized the contrast in values between democracies and radical Islam.  

"Yesterday's murderous attack on free expression clearly demonstrates the disdain of radical Islam for the values we hold dear. We cherish freedom and tolerance; they worship tyranny and terror. And through this terror they seek to impose a new dark age on humanity."

Netanyahu also highlighted the onus on the world to unite against terrorism and called for Israel and Europe to stand together. 

"These extremists are part of a global movement and this necessitates a global response. I believe that with the strength of our resolve and the unity of our action, we can defeat this threat to our common civilization. And what the battle against terror requires is courage, clarity and consistency."

"Israel is being attacked by the very same forces that attack Europe. Israel stands with Europe. Europe must stand with Israel,” the Prime Minister concluded.