Homeless man offered help ahead of storm (file)
Homeless man offered help ahead of storm (file) Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

The heavy winter snowstorm has seen an unlikely connection being made, as concerned members of the Samaria Residents' Council decided to take in homeless from Tel Aviv and have them stay in Samaria guest rooms to get out of the potentially lethal cold.

The decision was made following reports in the media stating that there is a crisis of homeless in the central coastal region who have nowhere to turn.

Members of the council on Tuesday visited the tents established in Tel Aviv by the homeless and spoke with them, inviting them to weather out the storm in Samaria guest rooms.

In the guest rooms, Tel Aviv homeless will be treated to warm meals, warm showers and will get to enjoy the snow swept scenery of the Biblical heartland of Israel without being exposed to the elements.

"They were so moved," said Sagi Kaisler, director of the Samaria Residents' Council. "We're happy to help those who don't have anywhere to be and any means to get through the storm."

Kaisler added "this afternoon we'll go pick up those who we talked to and make sure to have them pass the storm in the warmest way possible. Many of them haven't showered in weeks and the thought of staying in a guest room astounded them."