Likud Rally
Likud Rally Flash 90/Gili Yaari

Amidst lingering tension over primary results, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu launched his and the Likud party's re-election campaign for the 20th Knesset at a rally in Tel Aviv on Monday. 

Netanyahu began by introducing a new bill he intends to bring before the next Knesset for approval - if he is the one to form the government. 

"Israeli's democracy is crumbling into small mediocre parties, none of which can really lead the country. The problem has worsened to the point that the current coalition just fell apart, because the ruling party was not big enough," the Prime Minister explained. 

However, the new law he is planning will make it significantly harder to break apart the government mid-term, ensuring the prime minister a stable four years. 

"In the first hundred days of the next government, we will undertake passing the law that will ensure the stability of the government"

"In future elections the head of the largest party will automatically be installed by the government, and will be ensured a four-year term, except in an extreme condition," Netanyahu elaborated. 

"There will be two big parties: Likud and Labor - or whatever they choose to call themselves in future elections." 

Netanyahu continued by criticizing the left for their mistakes "time and time again" and offering a pledge not to make any territorial concessions to the Palestinians that would harm Israel's security. 

"Leftist do not realize that even if we withdraw to the last centimeter, there are elements who want to wipe us out," Netanyahu thundered.

"We have a new Middle East, and that is the Middle East of Islamic State," he continued making a pun out of the Hebrew words for 'new' (hadash) and 'ISIS' (Da'ash). 

Continuing, Netanyahu, referenced the Likud list which had been announced before his speech. "This is the list of the ruling party and the team that needs to lead the Israeli people against all of the left." 

Turning his attention to Labor Chairman Yitzhak Herzog and Hatnua Chairwoman Tzipi Livni - running together on a joint list - Netanyahu sarcastically asked: "They'll maintain the security of Israel? They'll face Hamas? Hezbollah? Iran?" 

"They will not be able to stand the pressure and there is a lot of international pressure. They will not be able to stand it for a moment. They will surrender immediately, not only because they're weak, but because they want to surrender, withdraw and give up." 

"In the coming elections, don't gamble with the security of Israel. Only Likud can ensure your security," Netanyahu asserted. 

"The left is not ready to demand that the Palestinians end the conflict and finally accept the Jewish state, but Likud will hold onto these conditions with all of its might," he concluded.