Hamas terrorists (file)
Hamas terrorists (file) Emad Nassar/Flash 90

The southern district attorney has submitted an indictment at the Be'er Sheva regional court against Ramzi Afana, a Hamas terrorist who served on Hamas's police force in Gaza, took part in military training for the organization and conducted security crimes against Israel.

Afana entered Israel from Gaza in 2013 to receive medical treatment - he never returned to Gaza when the authorized treatment period ended and remained in Israel without permission, until being arrested in the Judea and Samaria region a year later.

The crimes leveled against Afana in the indictment include contacting a foreign agent, actions in an unlawful association, military training and weapons crimes, illegal stay in Israel and others.

According to the indictment, Afana joined Hamas in 2005 and took part in "Osra," a group for teaching Islam and recruiting additional terrorists to Hamas from among youths coming to pray at mosques in Gaza.

He is suspected of having taken part in the elections propaganda of Hamas, and was responsible for leading "Osra" in a mosque.

Afana taught activists religious propaganda techniques, including readings from the Koran and Hamas principles, as well as taking part in Hamas activities and Hamas media events.

In 2008, he enlisted to the Hamas police and took part in military training with the terrorist organization.

In early December 2013, Afana was let into Israel for medical treatment but overstayed his permitted period in the country until being arrested in early December 2014.

The district attorney submitted a request to the court to extend Afana's arrest until the end of proceedings.