IDF soldier in military court (illustration)
IDF soldier in military court (illustration)Flash 90

A captain and staff sergeant in the IDF's military police have been indicted for abusing a soldier serving time in a military prison under their charge, in doing so conducting a serious crime that reportedly caused the imprisoned soldier to attempt suicide.

The captain, who served as commander of the military jail facility where the incident took place, and the staff sergeant are accused of aggravated abuse following a military investigation, reports Channel 2.

According to the indictment, the two physically assaulted the detained soldier who was placed under their watch. The indictment also claimed the two handcuffed the soldier by force and cursed him.

After the beatings and the cursing, the soldier reportedly tried to hang himself; he was brought to the hospital for medical treatment.

But it didn't stop there - after the soldier was released from hospital, the two suspects reportedly handcuffed him, dragged him by force and kicked him.

They went on to threaten the soldier not to complain about them, and left him sitting handcuffed in a chair for several hours.