Violent demolition in Amona (file)
Violent demolition in Amona (file)Pierre Terdjman/Flash 90

Rabbi Yair Frank, the rabbi of Amona in Samaria which has been slated for destruction within two years by the High Court, criticized Likud and Jewish Home for not taking action on the town's plight, and called for their members only to vote for candidates who promise to arrange the legal status of the town.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva, Rabbi Frank said "the High Court again proved that it is disconnected from the people and decided to destroy an entire community on top of the 40 families in it; now the ball is back in the Knesset's court and we expect our elected representatives to legislate and legalize Amona, the ball is in their hands."

The High Court decision last Thursday came despite the total absence of evidence behind Arab land claims against the town, and the legal purchase of large parts of the community.

Rabbi Frank said that in order for primaries candidates in Likud and Jewish Home to get support, they should have to commit to defending Amona, saying "we call on members of Likud and Jewish Home to support only those who commit to removing this disgrace and saving the town."

"We believe that the counsel of G-d will stand by the hands of our representatives in the Knesset. We have faith and the High Court ruling doesn't dull it; (Likud MKs) Yuli Edelstein, Miri Regev and Moshe Feiglin support (the town), and there are ways to pass a law while giving compensation, it won't be simple but it's possible. We will publish a list of the MKs who support (Amona)," said the rabbi.

Focusing in on Likud, Rabbi Frank said "Likud has been in power for six years, we had the destruction of Migron and Givat Haulpana and now Amona, Givat Assaf was saved for a different reason that many purchases were done there; Likud has failed."

"Unfortunately the prime minister fought against the law to legalize communities, after he promised that there won't be more demolitions aside from Givat Haulpana; he failed," said Rabbi Frank.

Shevah Stern, head of the Likud's "National Headquarters" faction and a candidate in the Likud primaries running for the party's Knesset list, this week publicly called on Prime Minister and Likud head Binyamin Netanyahu to obligate himself to arranging the legal status of Amona ahead of elections.