RochbergerFlash 90

Judge Ido Druyan of the Tel Aviv Magistrate Court, convicted Yitzhak Rochberger Sunday morning of falsifying documents, corporate fraud and breach of trust.

Rochberger, the former mayor of affluent Tel Aviv suburb Ramat Hasharon, was indicted in May 2013.

He was charged with falsifying corporate documents, fraud, and breach of trust in a corporation for his actions during the years between 2004-2007.

Apparently, Rochberger was serving as the chairman of the Training Fund for Local-Authorities Workers in addition to serving as mayor of the city. He was receiving a salary from both the Training Fund and the Ramat Hasharon municipality for his office as mayor, in violation of the law.

According to the indictment against him, Rochberger received a salary of 120,000 shekels ($30,000) from the Training Fund based on fake invoices, since, as mayor, he was not allowed to be compensated for serving in another occupations. 

Rochberger and former Nazareth Illit mayor Shimon Gapso caused a minor scandal in September 2013 when they were granted permission by the State Prosecutor's Office to run for re-election, despite the charges against them. 

The prosecution stated that the charges against Rochberger and Gapso were not of such a severity that would prevent them from running.

Gapso and Rochberger were both victorious in the October 2013 elections, prompting the Movement for Quality Government in Israel to petition the Supreme Court to once again remove the men from office because of the criminal indictments against them. 

Rochberger will be sentenced on January 15. The prosecution is likely to argue for a harsh punishment due to the infamy of his actions.