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"It's quite possible that in the next Knesset, the political party with the greatest number of women MK's will be Jewish Home," says Sarah Eliash, a known and respected figure in the world of Israeli religious education and the growth of Israeli presence in Judea and Samaria, and a candidate in the coming primaries for the Jewish Home Knesset list.

Speaking at the meeting of the  Jewish Home Party Women's Forum that was held in Lod this week, Eliash noted that the large number of candidates running in the primaries is a positive thing, adding that "the vast majority of those running are people who have serious accomplishments to their credit, people who have benefited and continue to benefit the population of Israel."

"There are quite a few women candidates," she noted, "and in my opinion, in three months we will meet in the Knesset with the Jewish Home party able to point to the most appropriate representation for women. In politics, as in life, we can reach a balance of 51%, with creative, bright, sensitive and activist woman power."

Eliash began her speech by reminding those present of this past summer's events, where "three incomparable women succeeded in having an effect on the entire Jewish people. Their inner strength, faith and nobility found a way into everyone's heart and led to true unity among us. It is this unique strength, the strength of women influencing events in our own special way, that I wish to bring to the Knesset."

"Experience has shown that the Knesset can be dissolved two years into its term, which makes it essential that the Jewish Home's Knesset team includes a woman who knows how the system works and can get things done from day one", she added. "I bring with me a track record of extensive and real accomplishment in the fields of education, management, developing Judea and Samaria, and working with all sectors of the Israeli public. My knowledge of how the country works and my ability to get things that involve various bodies working together to move forward, have already proven themselves. I hope that together we will be able to utilize those skills in the most influential decision-making body, the Knesset." 

"I wish every candidate at this meeting success - and who knows, maybe in the next elections, we will reach the point where we have to reserve some spots for the men!" she ended half-jokingly . 

Sara Eliash founded the Lehava Ulpana in Kedumim in Shomron (Samaria) where she and her doctor husband were among the first residents and continued to be active in promoting the development of the area. She received the Israel Education Prize, the Religious Education Prize and the Prize for Differential Education for her innovative educational projects at the 800-student Ulpana, which is also known for the successful integration of many Ethiopian young women. Eliash served as deputy head of the Council for Judea and Samaria, is a prolific writer in the Hebrew media and is often interviewed on issues of education, family and the status of Judea and Samaria.  

She established the women's Beit Midrash in Kedumim, has pioneered successful countrywide programs for high school dropouts, for meetings between secular and religious students, for enhancing young married's relationships through Torah study and was a founder of the College for Jewish Political Science. The couple have ten married children.