Yitzhak Herzog, Tzipi Livni
Yitzhak Herzog, Tzipi Livni Flash 90

The Labor party is still riding high in the polls following its merger with Tzipi Livni's Hatnua party, according to the latest survey.

According to the Knesset Channel poll, if elections were held today Labor would receive 23 seats, followed by Likud with 21.

The Jewish Home party would be the third-largest in the Knesset with 16 seats, up four from the 12 seats it currently holds and roughly consistent with most previous polls.

There were few surprises for Yesh Atid or Moshe Kahlon's Kulanu party, which received 11 and 9 seats respectively - again, in line with previous polls - while a new joint Arab list would get 10 seats.

Avigdor Liberman's Yisrael Beytenu party appears to be on the decline in the polls, garnering just seven seats, the same as the far-left Meretz party and Ashkenazic-hareidi United Torah Judaism.

Eli Yishai's new "Ha'am Itanu" (The People are With Us) party would scrape past the Knesset threshold with four seats, according to the poll, while Shas would only do slightly better with five - a far cry from the 11 seats it currently holds.

That is good news for Binyamin Netanyahu, who sources say is actively working to ensure Yishai's right-leaning Sephardic faction will make it into the next Knesset at the expense of Aryeh Deri's Shas party - which would likely align itself with a left-wing coalition.