Victim of Beit Orot Attack
Victim of Beit Orot Attack Public Relations

A month after he was stabbed in a planned Arab ambush on Jerusalem's Mount of Olives, a young Jewish student has finally been recognized by the police as being wounded in "hostile activities," meaning that the ambush is recognized as a terror attack.

Police announced the recognition on Sunday to the youth's lawyer, Attorney Hur Uriel Nizri of the Honenu legal aid organization.

The attack occurred on a Friday night during Shabbat in late November, with the youth and another Jewish student coming under attack as they made their way to the Beit Orot Yeshiva. The Arab attackers pounced on them them armed with rocks, molotov cocktails and crow-bars after waiting patiently for them to approach the yeshiva building, according to one of the victims.

The victims were incensed after policed branded the incident an "altercation" or "mutual provocation" in an announcement to the media, blaming the victims for the attack.

In the attack one of the youths was struck by a dark object, and the other stabbed in the back and evacuated to Shaare Tzedek Hospital in moderate condition. In the hospital it became clear that the knife penetrated his lung, causing the youth to be hospitalized for an extended period for treatment.

"It again was proven that after a struggle and legal aid, an event which the police claimed was criminal was nationalistic (terrorism)," said Nizri. "My clients who suffered serious wounds only yesterday were recognized as being wounded by hostile activities."

Remarking on a series of terrorist attacks that police only recognize much later in what is charged as being cover up attempts, Nizri said "we are witnesses to a sad phenomenon, in which recognition as victims of hostile activities isn't done automatically but rather only after a struggle."

"This is how it was in the murder of Rabbi (Moshe) Talbi, Asher and Yonatan Palmer, Shelly Dadon, Netanel Arami hy''d, the car attack on soldiers in El Arroub, and in recent days the murder of Avraham Ben-Tzion hy''d at the Midgalim Junction," said Nizri.

"We call on the authorities to stop this worrying trend and cease covering up the murder of Jews," concluded the attorney.

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