770 Chabad center after stabbing (file)
770 Chabad center after stabbing (file)Courtesy of Haredim 10

Levi Rosenblatt, the 22-year-old who was stabbed in a shocking attack on the Crown Heights' 770 Chabad Lubavitch center in Brooklyn, New York, was released from Bellevue Hospital Center on Wednesday, a mere eight days after the attack.

In the attack Calvin Peters (49), who police report had a long arrest record and mental illness, entered the center and stabbed Rosenblat in the head, going on to threaten others with a knife shouting "I'm killing a Jew!" before being shot by police and later dying of his wounds.

"Mr. Rosenblatt suffered a knife injury to the blood vessels in an extremely sensitive area of his brain," hospital chief of neurosurgery Dr. Paul Huang said in a news release. "Because of the resources available to us, as well as the experience and expertise of the nurses and physicians at Bellevue Hospital, we were able to deliver a very sophisticated level of care to this patient."

"He underwent a procedure to repair two blood vessels, which was successful. He has had an amazing recovery," noted Huang.

Rosenblatt said on being released "I have a lot of people from way back in the beginning to thank, above all, G-d and the Rebbe who provided his blessings."

"Thanks to the Hatzalah of Crown Heights volunteer ambulance service, the NYPD, the doctors and nurses here at Bellevue and at Kings County Hospital, my friends who stayed with me in my room around the clock, my family who came from Israel to be with me, and all the people all over the world who have prayed for me," concluded Rosenblatt.

His uncle Shmuel Gelbshtein said "we thank G-d that Levi is walking on his own two feet and we are expecting him to make a fully recovery."

Following the stabbing, local politicians and community leaders promised that security at the 770 center would be increased.