Rabbi Haim Amsalem
Rabbi Haim AmsalemTomer Neuberg/Flash 90

Rabbi Haim Amsalem, who broke off from Shas and failed to make it into the Knesset in the last elections with his Am Shalem party, told Arutz Sheva that he is calling on Jewish Home to hold negotiations with him to bring him into the party.

The rabbi is considering running on a joint list with either Jewish Home, Moshe Kahlon's new Kulanu party, or Likud.

He noted that a Panels Politics poll predicted he could add one mandate to any of the parties, lifting Likud from 22 to 23, Jewish Home from 15 to 16, or Kulanu from 10 to 11.

Rabbi Amsalem said that of the three he is leaning towards Jewish Home based on supporters who have called on him to do so.

"A good portion of the public that supported me would want to see me in the framework of Jewish Home," he said. "I know that also a good portion of those in Jewish Home would want that. That's the natural place."

Amsalem left Shas in 2010 after clashing with fellow MKs in the party, accusing Shas of abandoning its Sephardic roots and seeking to become a carbon-copy of the Ashkenazic hareidi United Torah Judaism party. In particular, Amsalem drew hareidi ire for advocating for hareidi IDF enlistment and calling on hareidim to join the workforce, while still maintaining the values of Torah study and observance.

He has been much vaguer regarding other issues, although in early 2013 he declared that he would "support any agreement that promises 40 years of peace in the land," indicating a level of flexibility in terms of talks with the Palestinian Authority (PA).