Testing the Arrow (file)
Testing the Arrow (file)Flash 90

Israel's Defense Ministry announced on Tuesday that  a test of the Arrow missile defense system was a success,  after the short-range missile system intercepted its target smoothly. However, later reports following a comprehensive inquiry into the test revealed opposite results: the missile defense system test failed. 

The project is overseen by the Ministry of Defense's Home Administration and the US Missile Defense Agency; representatives of both were at the launch. 

The Arrow, or Hetz, defense system is a vital component of the multi-layered defense system designed to protect the State of Israel, which includes the Arrow systems, the Iron Dome, and David's Sling

The Arrow missiles replaced the patriot missile system of the nineties, and includes three separate classes of missiles: the Arrow, the Arrow 2, and the Arrow 3. 

The previous generation of Arrow missiles became operational use 13 years ago and batteries are placed in different places throughout Israel. 

Whereas the Arrow 2 is geared for interception within the atmosphere, the Arrow 3 - which was not involved in the latest drill - goes higher still, taking out missiles before they even reenter the earth's atmosphere.

The Arrow 3, meanwhile, is set to be finished over the next 2 years; the project has been delayed due to budget cuts.