Nationalist activists arrested (illustration)
Nationalist activists arrested (illustration) Flash 90

The Judea-Samaria police raided the homes of members of the activist group Lehava Tuesday morning, including the home of the organization's chairman Bentzi Gopshtain, and arrested them on suspicion of incitement and calls to commit acts of violence and terror against Arabs. 

"This is a complex and extensive investigation," the police said in a statement after the arrest, "the classified part of which was completed today - the arrest of activists allegedly connected to the Lehava organization."

The Israel Security Agency recently arrested three Lehava activists on suspicions of being involved in the arson of a bilingual kindergarten in Jerusalem earlier this month, citing the fact that the group is inspired by the teachings of Rabbi Meir Kahane and that Kahanist graffiti was found on the kindergarten walls.

Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir, who represents Gopshtain and the other arrestees, noted that only yesterday, one of the detainees stated that he was offered money and leniency by the ISA for information that could lead to Gopshtain's arrest. 

"The politicians, the Left, and the Police operate against Lehava, while it is clear to them that this is a valid organization which operates openly against assimilation," Ben-Gvir fired. "It's a shame."

On Monday, the Jerusalem District Attorney filed an indictment against the three detainees - Yitzchak Gabai, 22, of Jerusalem, Shlomo Tuito, 20, of Beitar Illit, and his brother Nahman Tuito, 18, also of Beitar Illit - for the arson in the Jerusalem District Court.

The three will be charged with arson and destruction of state property; the police have asked to detain the three until their trial proceedings.