On the 27th anniversary of its establishment, terrorist organization Hamas continues to send threatening messages to Israel - this time via an especially provocative parade in Gaza and with the release of its latest propaganda video. 

The video, released by Hamas' military wing the al-Qassam Brigades, features the voice of wanted terrorist Muhammad Deif. Deif, the Chief Commander of the brigade, has allegedly survived five Israeli airstrikes, the most recent during Operation Protective Edge. 

Deif's voice in the video comes from an old recording which was broadcast during Operation Pillar of Defense in November 2012. In the recording, Deif can be heard saying "It is time to purify the Al-Aqsa Mosque [from Jews]." 

A short time later, the shadow of a man, similar to the appearance of Deif, can be seen, despite the unclear photography. 

The video also contains a montage of Hamas' "successes" over the years in its struggle with Israel. These include a picture of Gilad Shalit, the Israeli soldier kidnapped by Hamas in 2006 later exchanged for over 1,000 Palestinian prisoners in 2011.

Other images include that of Hamas' long-range missiles and men from Hamas' divers unit. At the beginning of the video, a shot of the Nahal Oz military post can be seen. Five soldiers lost their lives there during Operation Protective Edge in July. 

The purpose of the video, it seems, is to show that even four months after Operation Protective Edge, Hamas is still able to threaten Israel. 

Meanwhile, this weekend, during a rally in Gaza City celebrating its anniversary, Hamas paraded around the streets, presenting its "abilities" and "innovations" to the Gazan public. 

A 160 Rantissi missile fired to Haifa during Operation Protective Edge was displayed. Additionally, members of Hamas' naval commandos who carried out underwater attacks into Israel, made a rare appearance. 

Hamas also took aim at Israel. Members dressed up as Israeli soldiers wore masks with the faces of late soldier, Shaul Oron hy"d, and Gilad Shalit on them. 

The parade also featured Hamas members burning an effigy of a Jew and a model of the Temple. In addition, they carried around coffins with photos of the rabbis murdered in the Har Nof attack.