Ron Huldai (file)
Ron Huldai (file)Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai is considering becoming an MK, Labor members close to Huldai's office told Walla! News Sunday - and has already been making preparations for a national campaign ahead of the 2015 elections in March.

"As far as we know, there have been no attempts to stop Huldai from running from within the party," senior Labor officials told the daily.

Huldai's office has evaded questions on whether he is committed to leaving his mayoral post.

"Ron Huldai receives many inquiries and is in contact with many people in the political system," his office responded. "In any case, he intends to influence the upcoming elections."

Huldai, 70, has served four straight terms as the mayor of Tel Aviv, and was first elected to the post in 1998.

During the previous round of Labor party primaries he heavily supported the candidacy of current Opposition leader Yitzhak Herzog, and remains on good terms with him.

Huldai has called Herzog a factor in returning Labor to "the party of democracy and transparency," and a "significant political force which will strengthen the party and call back the many who have abandoned it."