Saar and Netanyahu
Saar and NetanyahuFlash 90

If former Interior Minister and Likud member Gidon Sa'ar were to step into the race for Likud leadership against current Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, he would enjoy support not just from disgruntled members of Likud, but also across other parties and sectors. 

A senior hareidi official stated this morning, in conversation with Arutz Sheva, that if Sa'ar were to run against Netanyahu it would be good news for the hareidi public.

"As soon as Gidon Sa'ar beats Netanyahu in Likud, he would completely reverse the campaign idea 'Just not Bibi', and shows excellent prospects to take the entire elections because of the Likud party's growth," the official explained. "And later when it comes time to form a government, [Sa'ar has a good chance] because of the great relationship he has with Moshe Kahlon." 

The official continued praising Sa'ar, citing his opposition to the opening of supermarkets in Tel Aviv on Shabbat, and in principle, his opposition to the criminal sanctions associated with the Equal Burden of Service Law. 

"It is no secret that in the last Knesset period, Gidon Sa'ar stood against substantive issues that were contrary to religion, while Netanyahu stood by them - even though Netanyahu claims the situation was forced on him." 

"We will be happy if Gidon Sa'ar runs, wins, and then Likud wins the elections," the official said. 

Last week, it was reported the former minister Sa'ar, who stepped down from his role about a month ago, is considering running in the Likud party primaries against Prime Minister Netanyahu. 

Netanyahu, for his part, understanding the threat Sa'ar poses to him, is angling for early primaries, so as to prevent the former minister from challenging him for leadership of the party.

Sa'ar has only one week left to submit candidacy for Likud leadership, meaning that Netanyahu's attempt to advance primaries could force him to make the decision in mere days. 

The Likud Central Committee is voting for a final date for the primaries Monday at a special session in Ariel.