Emily Amrousy
Emily AmrousyMiriam Tzahi

Conservative journalist Emily Amrousy is under attack by leftists for voicing what the left calls “homophobic” and “trans-phobic” – i.e., anti-transsexual – comments.

In an interview program which she co-hosts on Channel 10, Amrousi told guest Tal Kalai, who is also a “drag queen” named Talula Bonet – that she was “aghast at the thought of a drag queen acting in a children's show.”

"Drag queen” is a popular term for men who perform on stage dressed in women's clothes – an action which Jewish law opposes. Amrousi is a religious-Zionist Jewish journalist from Samaria.

"I would not take my children to a show that includes a drag queen,” she told Kalai, who plays a female character in a Hannukah children's play based on the story of “Ami and Tami,” the Hebrew version of Grimm Brothers' folktale Hansel and Gretel. “I do not need to give a five-year-old explanations about sexual identity,” she added.

According to Kalai, she also said that she was “aghast” at the thought of a "drag queen" in a children's show.

Amrousi tried to make things better on Facebook by apologizing for using the word “aghast” and saying that she was even convinced by Kalai that maybe his performance in the show was not such a bad thing, but apparently made things worse by mistakenly saying that another famous transsexual artist – “Dana International” – also appears on the Hannukah show. It turns out that Dana International appears on a completely different holiday children's show. 

She was also quoted as saying she went backstage to personally apologize to Kalai, but Kalai simply turned away.