Gaza terrorists fire rockets (file)
Gaza terrorists fire rockets (file)Albert Sadikov/Flash 90

In the past month, Hamas, the terror organization that controls the Gaza Strip, has increased its rocket launching from Gaza into the sea, as part of test experiments for its rocket system. 

In just the past two days, there have been seven such launches. Two of them occurred Thursday morning, Walla! News reported. The threatening show of force indicates the group's preparations for yet another terror war against Israel.

Late last month Hamas held four rocket tests in two days, with the IDF estimating that the terrorist organization is "experimenting in order to increase rocket launching capabilities."

Likewise the terrorist organization has started rebuilding its terror tunnels to attack Israeli citizens, after roughly 30 of them were destroyed in the last operation.

According to an Israeli security source, Hamas leaders see that Israel has held back and not issued an official response or action to the test rockets. Consequently, Hamas terrorists have stepped up the pace of their launches. 

"Hamas is trying to signal to Israel that they have been able to produce rockets and grow stronger, despite the closure of tunnels along the Philadelphi Route [a narrow strip of land situated along the border of Gaza and Egypt], where they used to smuggle weapons into different areas of the Gaza Strip," the security official said. 

At the end of Operation Protective Edge, Israeli Defense Forces officials claimed that Hamas retained only a third of its volume of fire, thanks to multiple launches into Israel, as well as military activity performed by air and ground forces. 

Moreover, they claimed, the Egyptian army's destruction of tunnels along the Philadelphi Route severely affected Hamas' ability to smuggle weapons into Gaza. 

Now, however, Hamas is trying to regain its strength and renew its rocket and weapons arsenal by smuggling material and weapons in through the coast of Egypt. 

In recent months, several smuggling attempts have been foiled by both the Egyptian and Israeli navies.