Rabbi Haim Amsalem
Rabbi Haim AmsalemEfrat Tzahor

Rabbi Haim Amsalem, chairman of the Am Shalem party, has been receiving offers from various other bodies and parties in recent days, officials in the party said on Tuesday.

According to the officials, Rabbi Amsalem has been offered to join other parties ahead of the upcoming elections, or has been asked whether he would consider having other parties run with his.

The leadership of Am Shalem is expected to convene in the coming days to discuss all the political proposals and announce a decision on how the party will move forward.

Amsalem is a former Shas MK who left the party in 2010 after being sharply criticized by fellow Shas MKs.

Amsalem was considered too liberal for many in the hareidi Shas MKs, and has advocated for hareidim to enlist in the IDF and join the workforce while still maintaining the values of Torah study.

Before the last election, Amsalem established the Am Shalem party – a term meaning “complete nation,” and a take-off on his Hebrew name – but failed to win enough votes to pass the threshold and enter the Knesset.

Amsalem said on Tuesday, “In recent days I have been approached by several political individuals to explore the possibility of Am Shalem joining a larger political framework. In the coming days we will decide where we are going and in what political framework we will continue to work for the principles and platform of the party.”

"We will continue to pursue our principles, and work towards a moderate Judaism. We will not agree to compromise on any principle for political capital,” he added.