Nazi-themed toy (illustrative)
Nazi-themed toy (illustrative) Thinkstock

A department store in Sweden is sweeping a toy scandal from its shelves, the Local reports Saturday - after customers complained that a toy soldier selection appeared to be modeled after Nazi uniforms.

Toy soldiers being sold at the Gekås superstore in the western city of Ullared appeared to bear Nazi symbols, parents stated to local news agencies. Several of the soldiers apparently were "smiling and bearing Nazi symbols."

Gekås CEO Boris Lennerhov has confirmed that the firm will shelve the toys after the outrage.

"This is not something we want to promote as form of ideal," he said.

News of the gaffe has spread quickly on social media, as Gekås is a popular attraction in Sweden - and is visited by some 4.5 million customers annually. 

This is not the first time Holocaust-related imagery in a commercial product has caused controversy. 

In October, Mango, a popular European women's brand, debuted a shirt covered in tiny lightning bolts reminiscent of the SS logo. After outrage was raised by a German MEP and on social media, the company expressed "regret" over the design. 

In August, fashion giant ZARA debuted a "sheriff" shirt for children clearly resembling the uniform worn by concentration camp inmates during the Holocaust - replete with blue stripes and a yellow star. Zara Israel apologized for the shirt and promised it would be taken off the shelves.