Rain (file)
Rain (file) Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

According to forecasters, Israel is currently experiencing its biggest winter storm in 20 years, and there were numerous casualties, both human and otherwise, due to the wild weather in Israel Wednesday.

Three brothers, ages 7, 9, and 11, got stuck in a deep puddle of mud and water in Hod Hasharon when they got swept into a stream that dumped them in the puddle.

Unable to get out, they were stuck there for hours, until police were able to get them out. The kids were rescued by police and were treated by Magen David Adom workers. Ar least one of the children is in serious condition after nearly drowning, but is expected to recover.

In Jerusalem, a yeshiva student who was swept away by a powerful stream has been found alive and well. The student had been walking with several teenage friends, who said that he had “disappeared” near a flowing stream that had been created by the heavy rain that fell Wednesday afternoon. A search was launched for the student, and he was found “downstream” about a half hour later.

Several roads were closed Wednesday due to flooding. One especially dangerous situation developed on Road 1, near the Shoresh Junction outside Jerusalem.

Police closed one of the lanes on the road in that area when a hole opened up on the road. It's not clear what caused the hole, but traffic is heavy on Road 1 coming out of Jerusalem through the Junction. Throughout the country, flooded roads were causing significant traffic delays, with commuters reporting in many cases that their travel time was double or triple the usual. There were also reports of cars stuck in flash floods in a number of cities. 

Rain is set to continue through the weekend, although with a bit less ferocity than on Wednesday. Floods are likely in low-lying areas, and drivers are asked to take extra care when on the roads.