Oatmeal Latkes
Oatmeal Latkes INN: HS

Translated from Arutz Sheva's Hebrew Site, sent by Al Hamishkal (On the Scale) health food, spices and nuts stores, located in the Shaar Binyamin shopping center, Givat Shmuel Mall and Karnei Shomron.


1 cup instant oats

2 summer squash or one squash and i potato

1/2 leek

1 chopped onion

2 eggs

salt, pepper to taste

optional: garlic, parsley, grated cheese)

Grate the squash (and potato if used), cut the leek into small pieces, add everything else and mix till evenly distributed. Cover and refrigerate for half an hour. Remove from refrigerator, form into burgers and fry.

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