Roughly four weeks after he was shot at close range in an attempt on his life, Temple Mount rights activist Yehuda Glick was released from Shaarei Tzedek hospital Monday, where he called his recovery a "miracle." 

Glick made the blessing "for he who raises the dead" at a press conference Monday, and thanked G-d and the medical team at the hospital for saving him from his brush with death. 

Glick, who was injured very seriously during the assassination attempt, is still suffering from speech difficulties, among other things, due to damage to his respiratory system.

Glick – who founded and heads the LIBA Initiative for Jewish Freedom on the Temple Mount – was shot in the chest on October 29 outside the Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem. The shooter pulled up in a motorcycle or scooter, confirmed Glick's identity before shooting. 

He had been speaking, minutes before being shot, at an event for Jewish rights on the Temple Mount that had hosted leading religious figures and MKs. 

Prior to the attack he had been repeatedly targeted in an online hate campaign, which has since threatened other Temple Mount activists.

Last Thursday the IDF Homefront Command issued a warning order of two days for the house of Mu'taz Hijazi, the Islamic Jihad terrorist who shot Glick, to be evacuated prior to its demolition.

Hijazi, who was eliminated as he fought back during Yamam special forces attempts to apprehend him, lived in the Abu Tur neighborhood of eastern Jerusalem.

He also was employed in a restaurant at the Begin Heritage Center where the shooting took place - despite having spent 11 years in jail for terrorism, a sentence lengthened twice for assaulting prison guards.