A recent propaganda video released by the Islamist State terrorist group (ISIS) showcases how it is building the next generation of jihadis, by training and indoctrinating young children at special camps.

The video, produced in the slick, professional style of most other ISIS videos, shows young children assembling assault rifles and practicing military drills with loaded guns, while their Islamist instructor hails them as "the next generation" who will fulfill ISIS's dream of world domination under the banner of Islam.

One child recruit, who looks about 10 years old, identifies himself as "Abdullah" from Kazakhstan and expresses his desire to kill non-Muslims.

"I will be the one who slaughters you, O kuffar (infidel), I will be a mujahid (holy warrior) Inshallah (God-willing)."

The other child soldiers also appear to be from Kazakhstan, or elsewhere in the Caucuses, with one explaining that they study Arabic as well as Islamic scriptures and training.

"We are going to kill you O infidel. God-willing we will slaughter you!" he concludes.

A large proportion of ISIS's steadily-growing army is made up of foreign recruits from across the world, including western states. Many recruits bring family members along to live in the group's self-proclaimed Caliphate, or Islamic State.

At one point in the clip an infant who appears no more than three or four years old struts around in military fatigues carrying a toy sub-machine gun.

The presence of child soldiers in the Syrian civil war has been documented in the past, particularly among rebel forces as they struggle to cope with their losses in the face of the regime's superior firepower.

But ISIS in particular has placed a considerable focus on providing "jihad" training for children in areas under its control, in Iraq as well as Syria, as the jihadi group seeks to build both a "perfect Islamic society" and an increasingly formidable army.

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