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On Sunday, the Cabinet approved Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption Minister Sofa Landver's plan to ease the absorption of new immigrants into the labor market in various professions.

The move was led by Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption Ministry Director General Oded Forer, with the assistance of the Prime Minister's Office director General Harel Locker. 

The measures that have been approved will enable immigrants who are still abroad to know how the State of Israel will adopt and recognize their professions on the day they arrive in Israel.

Immigrants will be able to put everything in order while still abroad and to quickly integrate into the labor market. For example, licenses for doctors, physiotherapists, architects and other professionals, will be transferred more smoothly. 

All ministries will allow potential immigrants to submit online applications for documents to be examined for licensing approval or to submit an online application for a license. 

Prime Minister Netanyahu said, "The plan that we approved today is not only a tool to encourage aliyah but it is a strategic tool to advance the Israeli economy and society."

"Thanks to these and other steps that we will carry out we will be able to bring tens of thousands of additional immigrants per year, which will significantly contribute to growth in Israel."

Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption Minister Landver said, "This is an important step in encouraging aliyah and in easing the process for integrating new immigrants into employment in Israel, which will certainly contribute to the economy."

"These steps are part of a pattern of activity that focus on improving the link between new immigrants and the Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption Ministry's efforts to meet their needs. All of this is in order to simplify the decision to immigrate to Israel."