Muslim women wearing traditional black burqas and face veils - or armed robbers? If you guessed the former, as store employees did at a local Toronto jewelry store, you'd be in for a rude surprise.

Toronto police last Wednesday uploaded video of the unusual heist, which is the first in the annals of Toronto crime in which robbers used the traditional Muslim garb for women to deceive their victims - and make off with half-a-million dollars worth of jewelry.

The two robbers are seen wearing hijabs covering their heads and upper bodies, gloves, niqabs blocking their faces leaving only a slit for the eyes, and burqas covering their entire bodies in a sheet of black.

The target of the robbery was a Mona-Clara jewelry store on York Mills Street and Leslie Street in the Canadian city. After making their way in thanks to their Muslim disguise, the two held up employees with a handgun and forcing them to open the locked counter, before making off with their loot.

Police currently have no leads as to the identity of the robbers, and published the video to try and receive information from the public.

France, which has a massive Muslim population and secularism deeply embedded in its state law, has banned the Muslim face veil in a move that has angered many - but has prevented the possibly of robberies such as the recent one in Toronto, or potential terrorist attacks.