Demolition (illustration)
Demolition (illustration)Flash 90

The Major-General of the Home Front Command issued a 48-hour warning decree prior to the demolition of the home of the terrorist who attempted to assassinate Temple Mount activist Yehuda Glick last month, leaving him seriously injured.

The terrorist, Mu'taz Hijazi - an Islamic Jihad terrorist who was employed at a restaurant Glick was speaking at, and was eliminated by security forces while the forces attempted to stop him in his tracks - lived in the eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of a-Tur.

Just a few hours after the assassination attempt, at approximately 4:00 a.m. security forces descended on Hijazi’s home, in light of precise intelligence information provided by the Shin Bet (ISA, Israel Security Agency).

The forces attempted to arrest the terrorist, but he resisted, climbed to the building’s rooftop and opening fire against the forces. Police returned fire, thus eliminating the terrorist. Security forces searched Hijazi’s home and found a helmet and motorcycle, which appeared to match the description of the shooter.

Glick, whose condition has greatly improved throughout his stay at Jerusalem’s Shaarei Zedek Hospital, is expected to be released for home rehabilitation and recovery, this coming Sunday. 

The decision to demolish Hijazi's home is the latest in a series of tough anti-terror measures taken by the government in an effort to deter further deadly attacks by Arab terrorists.

On Wednesday, police demolished part of the house belonging to Abdulrahman Shaloudi - the terrorist who rammed his car into a group of pedestrians in Jerusalem's Ammunition Hill, killing two people including a three-month-old baby.