Zidan Seif
Zidan SeifCourtesy of family

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke Wednesday evening with Sheikh Nuhad Seif, the father of Sergeant Major Zidan Seif (30), who was shot in a firefight with terrorists as he heroically intervened to stop the massacre at the Kehillat Yaakov synagogue in Har Nof Tuesday.

"Your son's courageous actions prevented the terrorists from killing many more victims," Netanyahu stated. "On behalf of the citizens of Israel, I wish to express condolences over his death while fulfilling his mission."

Netanyahu also addressed an official condolence letter to Seif's family.

"I heard with deep shock about the murder of the late Sergeant Major Zidan by terrorists," Netanyahu wrote. "Zidan gave his life to save innocent civilians from terror unseen before."

"His actions are a testament to his courage, resourcefulness and above all humanity and love of life," the Prime Minister continued. "Zidan was called to the scene at random, but when the Israel Police and his job called for him to help others in need, he did so without hesitation, he stood against the violence, he charged fearlessly at the terrorists, and thus saved innocent bystanders by giving his life."

"To the dear Seif family, I'm sure you raised Zidan on values of sacrifice and giving in your home," he added. "Precisely at this time you have to raise your heads proudly, knowing that the death of your son was not in vain. Thanks to him, there were many citizens who continue to live their lives. In his merit, Israeli society is good and just. And in his merit, we will continue protect the country and its people, knowing that justice resides among us."

Netanyahu also addressed Zidan's wife, Rinel. 

"Dear Rinel, I wish to hold your hand at this difficult time. Along with Zidan, you established a fine Israeli family. Just three months ago you gave birth to your eldest daughter, Larin. You had planned to expand your family, to progress, to evolve and always contribute to society and the state."

"The fall of Zidan is a great loss to us all," he concluded. "We are commanded to cherish his memory, and to teach his legacy for future generations. Please accept my sincere condolences. May you know no more sorrow. Mourning with you, Binyamin Netanyahu."

Zidan was buried in his home town of Yanuh-Jat on Wednesday, in the presence of several Israeli, Jewish, and Druze public officials.