Funeral of Rabbi Kalman Levine hy''d
Funeral of Rabbi Kalman Levine hy''d Hadas Parush/Flash 90

The shocking murder of four Jews as they prayed at a synagogue in Jerusalem's Har Nof neighborhood touched Rabbi Zev Shub, head of the Roots Kollel in Brooklyn, NY, directly - victim Rabbi Kalman Levine hy''d was his first Talmud teacher.

Rabbi Levine was murdered alongside Rabbi Moshe Twersky, hy"d, 'Rosh Kollel' for the 'Torat Moshe' yeshiva, Aryeh Kupinsky, hy"d, and Avraham Shmuel Goldberg, hy"d. A police officer was also murdered by the two Arab terrorists who attacked the synagogue with hatchets, knives and guns.

A visibly shaken Rabbi Shub eulogized his former teacher, remarking "he was a person who was a real talmid chacham (Torah scholar) with fear of heaven, and he was a person who did not care if people knew about that. He learned because Hashem (G-d) wanted him to, and he loved doing it."

Rabbi Shub explained how Rabbi Levine studied with him years ago when he had no background, and helped him when he knew little "because he loved every Jew." The rabbi noted that his own knowledge, and his ability to guide the Kollel, is thanks to Rabbi Levine.

Rabbi Levine was murdered at the age of 50, and leaves behind a wife and nine children, as well as five grandchildren.

The massacre has sparked outrage throughout Israel and the Jewish world; one intrepid Jerusalem resident was spurred by the horrific events to start a fundraising campaign to support the families of the victims.

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