ZAKA workers remove body at Har Nof attack
ZAKA workers remove body at Har Nof attackYonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Ron Kehrmann, whose 17-year-old daughter Tal was murdered in a suicide terror attack on a Haifa bus in 2003, on Tuesday said that Israel should stop returning the bodies of dead terrorists to their families.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva hours after two terrorists entered a synagogue in Jerusalem and murdered five Israelis, Kehrmann said that it was time for Israel’s leaders to realize that the Jewish state is dealing with cruel and ruthless enemies.

"We are once again discovering that there is no limit to evil and to what the brain can do. There is a legitimacy of Palestinian incitement here, because the Palestinian Authority has never actually stopped incitement," he said.

"They used to bury the bodies [of dead terrorists] in an unknown cemetery, we must not return them to their families. While they are carrying out pogroms in a synagogue here, we must provide the appropriate response, that is the only language they know," continued Kehrmann.

He further noted that all of Israel has become a battleground, saying, "There is no difference if it's the Tapuah junction, the Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem or a synagogue. It's just heartbreaking and it takes me back to the attack which killed Tal, back then we were a handful of individuals who demonstrated with white flags. The human rights of the victims are more important than [the terrorists'] human rights.”

In Tuesday’s attack, two Palestinian Arab terrorists stormed a synagogue in Har Nof with axes, knives and a gun. Four worshipers were killed on the spot and a fifth victim, a police officer who arrived on the scene of the attack and engaged in a shootout with the terrorists, died of his wounds on Tuesday night.

The terrorists have been identified as cousins Uday and Rassan Abu Jamal, from the eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabel Mukhaber.

As Israelis mourned the horrific attack on the synagogue, many Palestinian Arabs reacted with delight, taking to the streets to celebrate in Gaza, Bethlehem and parts of Jerusalem.

Candies and other treats were handed out to children, and posters bearing the faces of the two terrorists were waved along with PLO flags.

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas condemned the terrorist attack in Jerusalem, but at the same time also accused Israel of “interference at Al-Aqsa” and accused Israeli ministers of incitement.