Funeral of Jews murdered in Har Nof attack
Funeral of Jews murdered in Har Nof attack Hadas Parush/Flash 90

The 7 a.m. terrorist attack on a synagogue in Jerusalem's Har Nof neighborhood on Tuesday morning left all Israelis shocked - for Hannah Pasternak, who lives in the capital city, it was a call to action.

Pasternak told Arutz Sheva about her decision to launch an online fundraising campaign to gather money for the families of the four Jews murdered in the attack who leave behind 24 orphans - the campaign can be viewed and contributed to here or here.

"My heart broke; I daven (pray) at a 7 a.m. minyan (prayer quorum) in Katamon, it could have happened anywhere," Pasternak recalled in speaking of the morning's tragic events.

She noted that her boss used to pray at the Kehilat Yaakov synagogue where the lethal attack occurred, and that after she arrived at work he urged her to coordinate some kind of concrete action to help the victims beyond prayers.

Spurred on by the idea, Pasternak contacted those involved with the families and launched the campaign to provide monetary assistance for them - already, concerned people have donated over $5,000 dollars to the cause.

"It is our intention to stand up and do everything we can to help make sure that these families are taken care of. We are reaching out for your help - all of us are responsible for one another, and these families could have been our families. Perhaps, for some of you, they are," Pasternak wrote in the donation campaign.

In organizing the campaign Pasternak was aided by Keren Yehoshua V'Yisroel, a New Jersey-based NPO that collects money to distribute for the poor and needy in Jerusalem. The organization decided to contribute its backing to the campaign, and all donations received through it are to go directly to the families impacted by the attack rather than the families usually supported by the charity.

The four victims murdered in the attack were Rabbi Moshe Twersky, hy"d, 'Rosh Kollel' for the 'Torat Moshe' yeshiva and grandson of the late Rabbi Joseph Dov Soloveitchik; Rabbi Kalman Levine, hy"d; Aryeh Kupinsky, hy"d, and Avraham Shmuel Goldberg, hy"d. Eight others were wounded, four of them critically.

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