Nir Barkat
Nir Barkat Israel news photo: Flash 90

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat has vowed not to "surrender to terror" on Tuesday, after Arab terrorists executed a massacre in a Har Nof synagogue, killing four people and injuring thirteen others as they prayed the morning service. 

"Jerusalem bows its head in pain and sorrow on this difficult morning," Barkat stated. "Jerusalem residents peacefully praying in a synagogue in the heart of Jerusalem were cruelly slaughtered in cold blood while wearing their prayer shawls."

Barkat called to crack down on terror in the capital, which has been wracked by terror attack after terror attack in recent weeks. 

"I promise Jerusalem residents that we will continue to fight terror with full force and we will do everything in our power to restore peace and security to Jerusalem," he stated. "I call on Israel's national government and security forces to provide Jerusalem with all of the support necessary to fight terror. I call on the international community to strongly condemn this horrific act."

"We will not surrender to terror," he vowed. "We will stand strong and defend our city from those who try to disturb the peace of our capital."

Tuesday morning's massacre saw two Arab terrorists enter the Agassi St. synagogue with knives, guns, and axes before opening fire on worshippers.

Four were killed and thirteen were injured; all of them were wearing the traditional prayer shawls and tefilin (phylacteries) as they were being attacked. 

Police arrived at the scene approximately five minutes after the attack began and shot the terrorists dead. In response, security officials have stated that reservists will be called up to secure the city and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has called an urgent Security Cabinet meeting for later Tuesday.