Israeli police at the scen of Druze-Muslim cl
Israeli police at the scen of Druze-Muslim cl Flash 90

Tension in the Arab village Abu Snan continued Sunday, when a firecracker was thrown at the Community Council Building. 

There were no casualties or damage reported in the incident, but resident of the Galilee town are still restless and on edge. 

Schools in the area, educating both Druze and Muslim Arab students, were closed Sunday morning for fear of renewed riots between the two sides. 

Additionally, the medical condition of one of the men wounded in the clashes between Muslims and Druze took a turn for the worse Saturday night. He is in very critical condition with a head wound. 

Over 41 people were injured altogether, with 20 still being hospitalized in the Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya. 

Security Forces have expressed concerns that if the man were to die from his injuries, tensions would flare up and cause conflict once again. 

Tensions have flared since Thursday when two Muslim students entered an Abu Snan high school wearing kaffiyehs to honor Hir Alhamdan killed several days earlier by police in Kafr Kana.

Druze students began to fight with them and violence spiraled out to the street where a massive brawl erupted Friday night, which included hand-to-hand fighting, as well as gunfire and grenades. 

The police who arrived to separate the two sides were also attacked, and were forced to use tear gas and stun grenades to disperse the brawlers.  

A police presence is being maintained in the area and surrounding region.