Jerusalem car terrorist attack
Jerusalem car terrorist attackUnited Hatzalah

The Chief Rabbi of Holland, Binyamin Jacobs, was miraculously saved from being run over by an unknown driver. The incident occurred when Rabbi Jacobs exited his vehicle at a gas station to fill up.

The Rabbi said that he was being watched by two youths “of Mediterranean extraction,” with one returning to his own vehicle when Rabbi Jacobs began filling up his vehicle. Suddenly, the youth sped up, aiming directly for the rabbi – and fortunately, he was able to jump back into his vehicle to avoid being hit. The two youths burst out laughing and drove away, he said.

“I don't know if their intention was to scare me or G-d forbid worse. But thank G-d I was saved,” he said.

Rabbi Jacobs immediately contacted police, who opened an investigation. Police said they hoped to be able to catch the culprits.

This is not the first anti-Semitic attack against Rabbi Jacobs; over the summer, as Operation Protective Edge was going on, he was attacked with stones several times, and then, too, he was miraculously unharmed by his attackers – although property of his was damaged.

The attack was reminiscent of several similar attacks in Israel in recent weeks, in which Arab terrorists plowed into crowds, killing several Israelis.

Arabic social media sites have been circulating countless images, cartoons and even music videos encouraging people to run over Israeli Jews, in a campaign of incitement urging others to mount copycat attacks.