'Car Intifada'
'Car Intifada'Screenshot: Mark Langfan

Palestinian Arab social media is aflame with graphic violence laced tweets urging Palestinians to run over and/or kidnap Jews, directly referencing a “Car-Intifida” in Arabic.

The posts mix the messages that the Temple Mount is under attack by Jews and that Palestinians should attack Jews.

The posts were exposed by Mudar Zahran, who describes himself on his Tweeter feed as the “Secretary General of the Jordanian Coalition of Opposition.”

In another tweet, Zahran posted that “This hashtag is the most spread now on Palestinian social media... it means 'run over' which reads 'dais,' sounding like 'Daish,' (ISIS).”

In other words, by running over (“dais”) Israelis, the Palestinians are paying homage to “Daish,” or ISIS.

Early on the morning of November 5, the day an Israeli soldier was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist who ran him over, Zahran tweeted a poster claiming to have been photographed in Judea and Samaria, which Zahran translated as calling on Palestinians to "get angry" for "Jews have entered Al Aqsa & stomped on the Quran.”

Soon after, again on the 5th, Zahran posted another tweet that stated: “Media can kill: wife of Palestinian motorist who ran over Israelis today: 'He had been watching Al Aqsa news since the morning & got angry.'”

So, Zahran’s tweets directly connect Palestinian Authority's incitement to the Car-Intifada that has escalated violence in the recent months.

On Friday a pair of Palestinian musicians even released a music single called "run over the settlers," which has been going viral amid rave reviews by Arab extremists.

Poster says 'get angry' Screenshot: Mark Langfan