Mu'taz Hijazi
Mu'taz Hijazi Police

An Arutz Sheva investigation indicates that the Israel Security Agency (ISA, aka Shin Bet) was aware that freed terrorist Mu'taz Hijazi was employed at the Begin Center, which often hosts the nation's top dignitaries, but did nothing about it. A month after an ISA team saw Hijazi's name on the employee list, Hijazi shot Temple Mount activist Yehuda Glick just outside the Begin Center, after an event that was held there.

Even more shockingly, the information reached the ISA when the team that is in charge of security for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu conducted a security check at the Begin Center before an event in which Netanyahu was scheduled to take part, along with President Reuven Rivlin. The ISA team went over the names of all of the employees at the center and ran into the name of convicted Islamic Jihad terrorist Hijazi, who worked there as a waiter.

The name was recognized as belonging to a freed terrorist but nothing was done with the information since Hijazi was not scheduled to work on the night in which the function was held. It is possible that Hijazi purposely arranged not to work that night because he knew that the ISA would be going over the names of employees.

Hijazi was jailed for terrorism in 2000 and released in 2012. He was shot dead in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Abu Tor by a squad from the elite Yamam unit of the Border Police, a few hours after he shot Glick.

Glick - who founded and heads the LIBA Initiative for Jewish Freedom on the Temple Mount - was shot in the chest after Hijazi pulled up in a motorcycle or scooter, and confirmed his identity before shooting. 

He had been speaking, minutes before being shot, at an event for Jewish rights on the Temple Mount that had hosted leading religious figures and MKs. Likud MK Moshe Feiglin was with Glick moments before he was shot. 

Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack shortly thereafter, saying it was "vengeance for what is going on in Jerusalem."

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