Arab rioter on Temple Mount (file)
Arab rioter on Temple Mount (file) flash 90

Police will restrict the entry of Muslim worshippers to the Temple Mount on Friday, acting upon intelligence information that was received and which indicates that Arabs are planning to riot following prayers.

Due to that information, the commander of the Jerusalem District, Moshe Edri, announced that only Muslim men aged 35 and over, as well as women at any age, will be permitted to enter the compound.

Police forces will deployed in large numbers in the capital, starting early Friday morning, in order to prevent disturbances.

Arab riots in Jerusalem in general and on the Temple Mount in particular have continued in recent days. On Wednesday, violent Arab rioting on the Temple Mount forced police to enter the Al-Aqsa Mosque as rioters barricaded themselves inside.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu recently declared his intention to maintain the "status quo" at the site, whereby Jews are forbidden to pray as a response to Muslim pressure.

The PM emphasized that Jews would continue to be allowed to visit, but than a ban on praying would remain.

That sentiment was echoed on Thursday, as Netanyahu called Jordanian King Abdullah II and stressed to him again that the discriminatory "status quo" on the site will be kept.

After Wednesday’s violent Arab rioting, the Jordanian government announced it would be withdrawing its ambassador to Israel.

The recent tensions come after Yehuda Glick, an activist who championed the push for Jewish prayer rights on the Temple Mount, was shot last Wednesday by an Arab terrorist in Jerusalem.