Pita (illustration)
Pita (illustration)Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash 90

The Chief Rabbinate's kashrut (Jewish dietary law) division has issued a warning to the public against several locations that have forged kashrut certificates or displayed kashrut certificates that have not been confirmed.

"Non-kosher bakeries are suspected of distributing pita bread in the packaging of other bakeries that have kashrut certificates," read the warning. "The pitas were distributed in kosher restaurants among other places, and it appears the usage of packaging of other bakeries is meant to lead the public and kashrut supervisors astray regarding kashrut."

The Rabbinate noted that supervisors have investigated the "Dr. Pita" bakery on 31 Kishon Street in Bnei Brak, which continued to present itself as a kosher bakery even after its certification was removed by the local rabbinate.

In the investigation packages belong to different companies with kashrut certification, such as the pita bakery "Ramat-Gan" and the baguette and ciabatta bakery "Shasha" from 7 Betzalel Street in Ramat Gan, and likewise packaging from "Jerusalem" bakery, were found.

"In light of the discovery of the materials it is forbidden for businesses to take in products from 'Dr. Pita' in places under kashrut supervision," the warning continued. "In order to prevent fraud inspectors are asked to carefully receive pita only in bags with kashrut certificates on them and to contact the bakery, so as to ensure the source of the product. Let the public know and be aware."

The warning also noted that recently different places marketing cheese imported by "Shternman Foods" of 4 Halahav Street in Holon have been discovered. The cheese sports a kashrut from the Galboa Regional Rabbinate and the "Maayan Chai" community in Brussels - the certificates are in fact forged.

"The kashrut of these importers can not be trusted, and products marketed by it of any sort can not be received," added the warning.