Ron Prosor
Ron Prosor Reuters

Hours after an Arab terrorist ran over civilians in a car attack in Jerusalem, the Palestinian Authority (PA) on Wednesday asked the UN Security Council to condemn Israel for its “provocation” in Jerusalem. 

According to the report, the PA’s envoy to the UN, Riyad Mansour, called on the Security Council to "adopt a position to call on the Israeli government to stop all these activities and policies of provocation and incitement."

Israel's UN Ambassador Ron Prosor sent a letter to the council in response to the latest terrorist attack in Jerusalem and the PA's verbal assault, accusing the UNSC of ignoring Palestinian Authority incitement. 

"If recent events offer any indication, the Security Council will once again remain silent as Israel buries yet another victim of Palestinian terrorism.  Earlier today, a terrorist rammed his vehicle onto two crowded Jerusalem train platforms, killing Jedan Assad and injuring 14 others. Shortly after the attack Hamas claimed responsibility, calling the perpetrator a ‘martyr’ and describing the attack as ‘a heroic operation.'"

Prosor continued by accusing the PA of incitement and expressing frustration with the UN Security Council for remaining silent - week after week, attack after attack. 

"This is the most recent example of the violence that has come in the wake of inflammatory remarks made by the Palestinian leadership.  Two weeks ago, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called on Palestinians to prevent Jews from visiting the Temple Mount using “all means” necessary.  In response to this blatantly dangerous provocation, the Security Council did not utter a word."

"Following Abbas’s incitement, hundreds of Arabs rioted in Jerusalem, on 23 October a terrorist deliberately drove full speed onto a Jerusalem train platform killing two people, and days later, Palestinian terrorist, Moataz Hijazi, shot Rabbi Yehuda Glick. The Security Council continued to remain silent."

"As Rabbi Yehuda Glick lay in a coma, fighting for his life, President Abbas saw fit to write a condolence letter to the family of the would-be murderer.  In the letter he describes Israeli security forces as 'terrorists' and glorified Hijazi as a ‘martyr.’  President Abbas is sanctioning and celebrating murder and Israelis are paying with their lives. Still nothing from the Security Council."

Prosor concluded that while, anticipating silence from the UN in the face of Wednesday's attack, he hopes they will think twice and finally make a statement. 

"I write to you today with the full expectation that the Council will continue adhering to its vow of silence. Should the Council revise its policy and deem it appropriate to condemn the Palestinians leadership’s incitement and the violence that follows, I will be the first to commend the Council for embracing sound judgment and upholding international peace and security."