Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett Flash 90

Economy Minister and Jewish Home chairman Naftali Bennett criticized on Wednesday evening the decision of the police to place concrete blocks near the entrances to the Jerusalem Light Rail, in an apparent attempt to block terrorists from driving their cars into pedestrians.

The decision to place the concrete blocks came hours after Hamas terrorist Ibrahim al-Akari plowed his car into a Jerusalem Light Rail station, before exiting his vehicle and beating bystanders with a crowbar.

The rampage killed a Druze Border Policeman and wounded ten to fifteen others.

Bennett argued that the concrete blocks are nothing but a prize for the terrorists, adding that Israel must deter terrorists from carrying out attacks.

"The concrete barriers at the Light Rail are a reward to terrorism. The solution to terrorism is not to put Jews behind fences and barriers, but to deter the murderers," Bennett wrote on his Facebook page.

“When there were attacks on buses they put security guards on every bus; they moved to missiles on the south so they protected the schools; when they increased the attacks we ran away from Gush Katif, and then they fired more missiles and in response we established the Iron Dome; when we stopped the missiles they came through the underground tunnels, kidnapped Shalit and then we released terrorists in a terrible deal; when our boys were abducted and murdered we blamed the hitchhiking; when they shot Yehuda Glick we spoke about the restaurant [in which the shooter worked] looking into the background of its employees,” continued Bennett.

"Enough. It is impossible to be silent anymore. And by the way - the concrete blocks will be destroyed or defiled, it will not help. That is not how one fights terrorism. That's how one encourages it. We used to say 'the missiles will rust’, and we got the Second Lebanon War; then we said ‘the tunnels will crumble’, and the rest is history. What do we say now? The fuel in the truck will run out? This is the concept of defense. Israel is defending itself to death,” he wrote.

The solution is deterrence, not defense, stressed Bennett. "The solution is not the Iron Dome, but the Iron Fist. We did this in Operation Defensive Shield in Judea and Samaria and the terrorism stopped, and it can be done now in Jerusalem. It takes courage, and a decision needs to be made.”

“Those who do not know how to do it, speak up,” he concluded.