Scene of attack
Scene of attackNews 24

Just hours after a Hamas terrorist drove his car into a crowd of Israeli civilians in Jerusalem, murdering one person and injured 3 others, some seriously, a picture has emerged of Arab youths reveling in the murder - by taking a "selfie" at the site of the attack.

Veteran Israeli journalist and Kol Yisrael Palestinian Affairs Correspondent Gal Berger posted the chilling photo on Twitter.

In it, two Arab youths - who he claims are residents of "east Jerusalem" - can be seen grinning into the camera even as emergency services are still tending to the scene in the background.

In many ways, the macabre scene encapsulates the kind of impunity with which many Israelis argue Arab extremists are able to commit, glorify and incite violence in the Israeli capital.

Earlier, angry protesters converged on the site demanding the death penalty for terrorists and calling on Internal Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovich to resign over continued violence in Jerusalem.