Arab rock-throwers
Arab rock-throwersSTR/Flash 90

In view of the surging violence in Jerusalem in the last few weeks, much of which is perpetrated by Arab-Muslim minors, MK Moti Yogev (Jewish Home) and several other MKs have proposed a bill that would cut 50% off the child stipends received by parents of children convicted of rock throwing.

The stipends are paid to parents for every child they have, for the children's benefit, and can add up to a hefty sum for large families.

At present, it is possible to slap a fine on a parent who whose child was convicted of an offense, but this legal tool is rarely used.

The proposed law would automatically cut the child stipends for parents of convicted rock-terrorists, with no room for second-guessing the punishment by lenient-minded officials.

"Regrettably, in the course of the last few years, deterrence in eastern Jerusalem has been seriously eroded, although Arabs there enjoy full citizenship and would never give that up. It is unacceptable that a parent whose child harms the security of the state and endangers human life, will receive benefits from the state for that same child.”

The co-signatories of the bill are MKs David Rotem (Yisrael Beytenu); Elazar Stern (Hatnua); Miri Regev, Yariv Levin, Moshe Feiglin and Haim Katz (Likud); Ayelet Shaked and Zevulun Kalfa (Jewish Home), and Avraham Michaeli (Shas).