Uzi Seeman in NYC
Uzi Seeman in NYCCourtesy

The New York City Marathon took place on Sunday as thousands ran, despite the cold temperature, in the streets of the city. Among the runners was Uzi Seeman whose son, Zvi Seeman (18), was one of four yeshiva students killed in Otniel while working in the yeshiva kitchen, serving the Shabbat meal to some 100 students in the adjacent dining room in December 2002.

Ever since the tragedy Uzi has been participating in runs and marathons. "I do it in memory of my son", Uzi told Arutz Sheva a few weeks before the NYC Marathon, "I listen to music that he loved, and I feel as if he's running with me".

Uzi's participation in the NYC Marathon was part of the OneFamily delegation to the run. OneFamily id Israel's leading national organization rebuilding, rehabilitating, and reintegrating the lives of Israel’s injured and bereaved victims of terror and war. The runners came to New York to run and compete, but mainly to raise money for OneFamily.

As a bereaved parent, Uzi wanted to give back and raise awareness for the organization that helped him and his family through this horrible trauma. "There is nothing like the smile on Uzi's face as he crosses the finish line with two thumbs up", wrote Ruti, Uzi's wife, "All for my Tzvika."