Aviv Kochavi
Aviv Kochavi Flash 90

The former head of IDF Intelligence, General Aviv Kochavi, officially took up the post of IDF Northern Command Head on Sunday. Kochavi is replacing General Yair Golan at the post.

Speaking at his installation ceremony, Kochavi said that “the northern front is at the center of the storm in the Middle East. The entire region has become more Islamist, and more violent. Other terror groups are likely to arise and join Hezbollah and Iran as part of the axis of evil.”

IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz welcomed Kochavi to the position. Speaking at the event, Kochavi said that “the threats to Israel's north have grown, and the entire area has become very complicated and tense. We face enemies old and new. We will be ready for the moment of need, and when that comes we will act with the required force.”

Under Golan's supervision, the northern border has remained relatively quiet, IDF officials said. He reinforced the 80 kilometer-long border with additional defenses, and he established a new brigade, similar to the brigade that was established on the Gaza border. Sources said that Golan is a candidate to replace Gantz, when the Chief of Staff's term ends.