Revolutionary Guards Cmdr. Hossein Hamedani
Revolutionary Guards Cmdr. Hossein Hamedani Reuters

American officials last Tuesday revealed that US President Barack Obama's administration has been growing closer to Iran and its terror proxies Hamas and Hezbollah - but according to an Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) statement Saturday, the feeling isn't mutual.

"The US is still the great Satan and the number one enemy of the (Islamic) revolution, and the Islamic Republic and the Iranian nation...will never allow the dignity and independence of the Islamic homeland to be threatened and harmed by the will of the enemies," read the statement, as reported by the semi-official Fars News Agency.

The harsh invective continued unabated, with IRGC adding "the US is the house of the world's plots and corruption that never intends to compromise and have real friendship with a popular and independent system that manifests the powerful existence of the beloved Islam."

In the context of "plots," it is ironic to note that Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei in January revealed the nuclear talks with world powers are merely a deceptive stalling tactic known as "taqiyya" to buy time for its nuclear program. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) revealed last Friday Iran is refusing to answer questions on whether it has been building a nuclear bomb.

IRGC went on to demand the "prosecution, trial and punishment" of White House leaders for their "crimes" during nuclear talks over the years.

The statement closed by calling for massive November 4 rallies marking the anniversary of the day in 1979 when radical militant students seized the US embassy in Tehran and held its 52-member staff hostage for 444 days. The celebrations were termed by the IRGC as the "National Day against the 'Global Arrogance.'"

According to officials quoted last Tuesday, Obama's administration has been sending secretive messages to Iran through Iraq's new Shi'ite prime minister Haider al-Abadi, as well as through Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, the highest ranking Shi'ite cleric in Iraq.

The statement confirms the assessment of a senior Israeli diplomatic source, who two weeks ago warned Obama may be holding secret talks with Iran - just as he was revealed last November to have been holding secret talks for over half a year prior to the recent controversial temporary nuclear agreement, and likewise reportedly had been easing sanctions on Iran for five months ahead of the deal.