The car used in last night's attack
The car used in last night's attack Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90
Following Wednesday night's car attack in Jerusalem, the Legal Forum for Israel has turned to Minister of Transportation, Yisrael Katz, to input a driver's license disqualification law for those convicted of terrorist activities.

Attorney Yossi Fuchs, the Forum's consul, wrote to Katz that the terrorist who carried out the attack, Abdelrahman Shaludeh, was tried and convicted in the past of hostile terrorist activities. He was released from prison just ten months ago, but apparently "the jail sentence served no real warning to him and he decided to use his driving license as a license to murder Jews, as seen by last night's attack. "

Fuchs called on the minister to help the Shin Bet thwart terrorist acts performed by a single individual using a licensed vehicle.  In order to protect the public, he called on the Katz to submit a government bill to amend the traffic statutes.

According to the proposed amendment: whoever holds a driver's license and was convicted of terrorist activity - including throwing stones, although not related to driving and/or use of vehicles - his license should be revoked for all vehicles he is permitted to drive. 

The license should be revoked for a period of one year or until the terrorist finishes serving his/her sentence. The license should be returned to him/her only when the Shin Bet has determined that the driver is no longer a security risk. 

The Legal Forum says that the amendment is proportionate given the current security situation in which vehicles are being used as weapons. 

They argue that the amendment will serve a dual purpose - strengthening early warning signs against the terrorism growing increasingly popular among Israeli Arabs, and the prevention of terrorist attacks by terrorists who have been in and out of prison, such as Abdelrahman Shaludeh.

In the meantime, an Ecuadorian citizen critically injured in last night's attack is being treated at the Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital. She is being hospitalized in the intensive care unit, and her family has been notified. 

In the emergency room, another injured victim is being treated for light wounds. Another victim lightly injured was sent home from the hospital this morning. Shaare Tzedek Medical Center is also treated one victim who is in a mild to moderate condition. 

The attack killed Chaya Zisel Braun, who was only three months old. She was buried late Wednesday night in Jerusalem. The terrorist, a resident of the Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan/Shiloach, died in Shaare Tzedek hospital, after being shot by a police officer as he attempted to flee the scene.