Islamic State terrorist (file)
Islamic State terrorist (file) Reuters

Hamza Samy Magamsah, a Yafi'a resident from Israel, who disappeared two weeks ago in Turkey, unexpectedly returned to the hotel where he was staying, Turkish Queen's Park. He was promptly arrested by the Turkish police. 

Magamsah was one for four Israeli Arabs from the Galilee village of Yafi'a who traveled to Turkey, ostensibly to celebrate the Muslim holiday of Eid el-Adha. Several days later, his family, and the families of two of the others, lost contact with the young men in their 20s. 

The fourth man who accompanied them to Turkey, returned to Israel, and informed their families that they had “made their choice to fight against the army of [Syrian President Bashar al-] Assad.”

Magamsah left the hotel with his 2 friends, preachers, and a mentor en route to Syria, leaving his passport and belonging in the hotel - according to the chairman of the War on Religious Extremism in the World, the former Deputy Minister for the Development of the Negev and Galilee, Ayoob Kara (Likud). 

"Since four youths disappeared from Yafi'a, including Hamza Samy Magamsah, we endeavored to bring them home, and allowed contact between them and their families in Syria," said Kara.

"The talks with their families probably touched their hearts," encouraging them to return.  

"One returned a week ago - Mohammad Sharif," Kara added. "As to the second, we promised we'd bring him back to Israel, so he left Syria and returned to Turkey. The third is on his way."

Kara claims that the youths grew disillusioned and were disappointed by Islamic State (ISIS) and so withdrew their plans. 

"We will bravely endeavor to return them and avoid collaborating with the terrorist organization," the chairman promised.