The Israeli company, International Security and Defense Systems (ISDS) will be serving as IT systems and security integrator in the forthcoming summer Olympics in Brazil in 2016. This represents an unprecedented achievement for Israel. 

ISDS's operations during the games will run from consulting to security supply systems. "The challenge is great," Ron Shafran, vice president of the company, said to Israel Defense. "As seen in the media around the world, security in Brazil is a challenge, but we're already coordinating with crews in Israel, as well as Brazil and Europe. 

In regard to preparation, Shafran said: "The crews are working on constructing the fields, with security in mind, as well the construction of technological systems to be installed in all facilities. These facilities are located in Rio and in four other regions throughout Brazil."

"Games begin on August 5, 2016 and will continue until December 2016, including the the Special Olympics " Shafran added. 

The deal for ISDS's services was estimated at 2.2 billion dollars.

ISDS's company name will appears on the official website of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 as one of the sponsors of the event, along with the names of multinational companies like Symantec, EMC and more.

Shafran said the Olympics offer a rare opportunity and platform for Israeli companies to take part in providing security.

"We very much want to take this platform and integrate Israeli technologies with international technologies, thereby providing unique responses to specific problems - from intelligence to perimeter, crowd control, and so forth. We hope these games will provide a hotbed of Israeli technological solutions to security issues." 

"We emphasize small companies with big solutions, in order to give them the stage to present their capabilities and serve as a showcase to the world, despite having a market that is hard to enter."